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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al



This context is so important to this discussion. If it’s not ok for a male to propagate this behavior (George R.R. Martin), then it’s not ok for a woman to do the same (DG). That is equality! The comments/posts from DG may be meant in a playful manner, but by the force of her position, she is a leader in this community and her behavior dictates the mob behavior. Yes we all have free will, we can all make decisions for ourselves, but when the creator of this entire fandom exhibits behavior that can be dubbed oppressive, it perpetuates a cycle of behavior that we’ve seen from the mass fandom. Leaders have an innate responsibility to police their behavior more so than the masses, it is a burden of leadership. Leading by example is more affective than just telling people what to do.

I’m in no way condemning any of her actions or behaviors, because she is a human being and worthy of making mistakes. None of us are perfect, and this issue isn’t black and white…this discussion falls in the realm of grey matter. I just think that it’s important to keep this in mind when discussing the “pedestal” we place DG on, or even the actors themselves.