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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


Great article, thanks for raising this issue. It’s something that I’ve been concerned about lately, especially following the reactions to the Wedding episode. I haven’t seen many comments about Caitriona (though I’m sure there are lots), but it’s incredibly problematic if similar conduct occurred toward Caitriona. It is just as problematic if it happens to a Sam. It doesn’t help the fight for equality and feminism’s purpose.

I find Sam super attractive and I do have a celeb crush on him (which I rarely have, but there’s Jennifer Lawrence, I <3 her). I’m not going to lie – I do like looking at his pictures and watching him on the show. But, as it has been said before in this post, there’s a difference between appreciating a celeb’s beauty, talent and conduct in public (eg. how funny and sweet Sam seems to be in interviews, etc.) and outright leering at his physical attributes and cutting him down to his physical self. I cannot imagine how this is affecting Sam and how he feels about this. We’ll probably never know unless he says something about it himself. But I think the bottom line should always be – no objectification of anyone, period. People often use the excuse that “this is the price of fame.” But is it and should it be? Should fame and success in the entertainment industry invalidate a person’s right to dignity and privacy? And really, how is a person to know what this supposed “price of fame” is and feels like when they haven’t experienced it until they’re in it and facing the monster of fame dead on. I don’t think any of us have a right to say what this supposed “price of fame” is.

Rachel, I also had a similar reaction to DG’s comments and posts about Sam. I just really hoped that they have a sort of relationship where interactions like these are fine between them and in public.