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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


Agree with everything you’ve written. Silence does not equal acceptance and consent, nor does playing it off as a joke. We all have our own reasons for doing this, whether its being caught off guard and not having a quick response, wanting to keep family peace, or being afraid of what might happen if you say what you’re really thinking and feeling. None of us are in a position to presume to know his motivations or thoughts on the matter, let alone using it as a justification.

I’m utterly shocked (even though I probably shouldn’t be) about the women trying to lift his kilt – unbelievable behavior. Reminds me of the conversation in the other thread about men feeling entitled to women’s bodies and sexual access – the old “I paid for dinner and a movie, so now I’m owed sex at the end of the date.” Is the mindset of the women trying to lift the kilt the same? They paid for a movie ticket or cable subscription so they are entitled to and owed bodily access? WTF.