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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al



Daniel Radcliffe was actually the Actor I was referring to. He’s a brilliant actor both on the big screen and in theater. His portrayal in Equus was mind blowing and emotionally intense, but all you ever heard were comments about Harry Potter being naked. I had the pleasure of sitting 6th row center stage for Equus on Broadway and can attest that the performance was so powerful that you weren’t thinking about the HP fandom connection, or the simple fact that he was nude, but about how broken and tragic the scene was. Don’t get me wrong, I had a moment later at the hotel, where I thought…OMG, I just saw Harry Potter Naked, but that was a normal response to having grown up with the character in my life through books. That was my “inside voice,” and I would have never posted that on social media, because it undermines the brilliant work he did on stage. We, the fans and the culture of Celebrity, have created a world where it isn’t safe to be famous. Many feel you chose this life, so you deserve the lack of privacy, personal space, respect, and it only feels like it’s getting worse. I think that the only way to stop this, is by speaking up. Being the fan that risks alienation to be a voice for good.