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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


I’ve read of people saying that he (SH) takes it all in jest, and plays along, and that somehow makes it ok. I am then reminded of all the times I played along with something hurtful to avoid having to confront the person doing it. The sexist jokes in a male dominated career, the ‘get in the kitchen’ jokes by my ex-husband’s family, and comments about my height and relative location of my breast in comparison to my shorter male friends. No matter how much I laughed and brushed it off, it had an altering effect on my sense of worth/self. While our experiences are vastly different, even taking into account the historical oppression of women throughout the world, I still feel that there is a strong vein of similarity. How many times have we seen Actors that are usually very understanding and open with their fans, slowly start to pull away from public contact. Some going so far as to leave the fan scene all together. I don’t understand why it can’t be as simple as “doing something hurtful to another human being, isn’t ok?” Consent matters, don’t touch another person’s body without consent, this includes lifting their kilt. Maybe I just have a deep seated sense of personal boundaries that keeps me from fathoming doing more than shaking a strangers hand. Even then, I think twice.

I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to this prompt, it’s refreshing to see an open and non-judgemental dialog about this.

Appreciate Everything, Regret Nothing,

Crystal aka CelticGlamazon