Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


Love this point from the Salon article: “feminism must be a progressive movement, not one that brings others down without raising anyone up” and the point from Sanderson’s father, that there are other ways for us to express our appreciation for the actors than to objectify them.

Several of us have been discussing how Outlander has/can empower women (among other topics) on the Spoiler thread in this forum. That robust discussion seems incongruent with and outweighed in social media by the 14-year-old-child behavior, some of which, I agree, is also just creepy. Maybe those of us on social media can inject a more rational perspective.

As to DG’s public comments on Sam’s anatomy, it appears they know each other pretty well. Yes, it’s in public, but I took the first comment (that Sam has a “damned fine ass”) from her that I heard to be a compliment … she wasn’t expressing a desire for it, etc. We know she can be eloquent in her descriptions of those and other body parts from her writing, so that comment was actually quite brief, for DG.

The sharing of the 45 tattoo meme, I’d rather she hadn’t done, but that’s me.