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Caith nic Gearailt

Dear Terry,

Thank you so much for Outlander – I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed it! We’ve just subscribed here to HBO Netherlands purely for Outlander – never done that before!

I know ”up to your eyes” wouldn’t even begin to describe how busy you are, but – whenwver it might be possible – if the FB closed group is still going I would really love to join it. I can’t seem to get to it via the link at all at all.

My email is cato9tales at gmx.com

In the mean time I wonder if you’ll enjoy this wee clip of behind the scenes of an historic fashion exhibition at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum as much as I did? It certainly explained to me the frisson I felt as I saw how short the red dress was coming up those stairs at ”Versailles”!!! You didn’t just do that for those shoes, did you?!!

All the very best, and more power to your elbow – amazing amazing amazing!