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Reply To: Favorite Costume Designers?


Forgot La Reine Margot – Moidele Bickel. Don’t know much about 16th century France so just fell headfirst into this film with all its colours and textured fabric.

Right at the beginning of the film, at the wedding, there’s a shot of the wedding congregation, Protestants on one side all dressed in black, Catholics on the other side dressed in every colour possible. It’s all there in those costumes right at the beginning, the division and conflicts between the two played out through the rest of the film.

For me, it’s a really good example of what you were saying Katie, about how costumes add/detract from the work. I had to google the film to get Bickel’s name and came up with lots of criticism about historical inaccuracy. Seems it was a deliberate decision, to get a certain look for the film, and for me it was a good decision.