Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer


Cynthia Crane

Ok, new here and so far so good, ‘crept scrolling all the way to the b-o-t-t-o-m to post, not so good but I can deal.

Love your blog, Terri, read the whole darn thing recently, beginning to end, many of the forum posts, too! So many intelligent and insightful members here!

Thank you so much for sharing your fascinating life, Terri. Do you have any idea what an inspiration you are to so many? Esp the creatives out there, who like me, had their artistic inclinations squashed (by unsupportive parents) at any early age. Thankfully, I came back to creating art full time after entering art school in ’03 at the age of 40 (same year/same university as my daughter!)

I tell you this along with the urging that you someday write your bio, something akin to Thyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit”. No doubt there’s a wide audience that would wholehearted embrace learning even more about you, and what inspires you, and the road you walked to become the talent behind the wonderful costumes of Outlander.

Of course, that would be a retirement project – you’ve got another several years of costuming for Outlander in your immediate future. 😉

(A small town girl/painter/potter creating from the breathtakingly beautiful state of West Virginia, USA)