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[quote quote=8669]Your first post can’t be seen. There is some glitch and all first posts can’t be seen.

Okey Dokey! So there you go.

Original post:
So we have looked around at new forums and it turning out to be very difficult. I guess it just hasn’t been able to compete with the technology of FB or Twitter.

So that means it stays here, and I have to admit it is not an easy medium. I do have another option available.

Way back when before twitter, I started a closed Outlander Group on Facebook. It is still there with a few people happily chatting away. I haven’t been there in months. But I would be willing if that was something everyone was interested in. It is faster and easier to post pics videos, and of course log in! LOL

And of course this is still here. What do you think? Is anyone interested in joining the FB group?