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[quote quote=8649]So if the shoes are labeled “upper”, are they worn like spats over a more functional, basic shoe? For visual interest, do you dress all the extras and then pair them up or arrange them in a scene so that there is variety of colour and dress within the frame (or is that left up to the director)? And what is that wonderful collection of drawings on a wall in your first tidbit above? Lovely!

Many thanks for suggesting the forum for these discussions and for sharing the work of other fabric/textile artists and designers. Makes for a more peaceful and positive online place.

Upper means upper class.
We arrange them in a scene. The assistant directors tend to just grab anyone without looking at colour and that is disastrous. It is a bit of a fight sometimes, but I put my foot down that we do it.

Those are my sketches blown up HUGE and lining a large hallway in the costume department