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Sorry – I posted this question related to the episode and then spotted this forum thread here. Still making my way around the forum. Blog fairies can feel free to delete my previous post if it is one too many.

As you said Terry it is a bit like a dial phone & I remember having a neighborhood party line. Wasn’t always easy to use but eventually you could make a call.

Reposting the question here:


In reviewing the photos from “The Garrison Commander” episode I’m curious to know if you consciously made the choice to use lacing in the construction up the back of Jamie’s waistcoat to provide both a fitted shape that complimented his build and if it was meant to serve as a visual reminder of the scars that were hidden beneath the layers of his Highland clothing?

~Or~ Is that just my own projection because of BJR’s graphic recollection of the flogging that had preceded Jamie & Claire’s conversation about the necessity to marry in order for her to avoid further physical harm at BJR’s hand?

In that scene, when Jamie turns to walk away from her the tight crisscross pattern of the lacing and the stains up the back of his waistcoat remind me of the scars from the flogging.

I wondered it that was intentional or accidental?


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