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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=8615]I know that film and TV work very differently to theatre in terms of when and where the costume discussion starts in relation to the production. Do you get a brief from the producer and if so how far in advance of the series/episode? Also do the episode directors have any input into the costumes or is that all decided before they get anywhere near the filming of the episode? Have you had any costumes that have needed to be altered during an episode as they didn’t quite work out as conceived or the action required a different approach?


We often have outlines, which may or not be helpful as they give you a general idea, but not specifics. About 6 weeks before an episode we get the script, and that continues to change right up to shooting.

The greatest gift ever on Outlander is that I know the books so well, and I’m married to Ron. So, I pretty much know what is going to happen to the main story way ahead. But that is highly unusual, on both counts.

Directors get input, but we have long since decided who the characters are,and in TV, the show runner is the king, so they usually have the big creative input.

No, other than the occasional button popping off, we fit everything well ahead of shooting. You don’t want surprises on camera. Time is of the essence.