Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Questions????


Hi Terry,
I hope this is the right place. It is about costuming/fashion in general (not outlander)

I have always been interested in how costume is a reflection of an era. How the circumstances of one’s station in life reflects what is worn, or not worn.

Costuming is interesting as it is a wearable expression. It makes an anthropological statement.

For many years Fashion was an indication of status. I wonder what has changed? Fashion was still pretty in the 1950s with the Dior silhouettes. Now, One can see people that have money wearing jeans that are frayed with holes. Is it a reverse psychology? I am so wealthy I don’t have to dress to impress? Is it women rebelling against fashion that constrains and maybe confines? Is it because women have embraced a more athletic or casual lifestyle? Is/was comfort the main influencing factor? I see the tables turning with the advent of Spanx and all the shrink-wrapped dresses seen now. Current fashion is perplexing and in many instances ugly.

Any thoughts?