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Hi everyone! This seems like such a lovely group! I am not sure if you have a page dedicated to introductions, so pardon me if this isn’t where I should do such a thing! 😉

I am a costumer from Chicago, I am a freelancer but I work for a ballet school/company here in the city currently. (I’m also balancing this between being a mom to three wing-nuts and wife to a dude in advertising.) I really love costumes and I feel SO LUCKY that it’s my job! When I tell people what I do, they always ask if my job is fun with a sparkle in their eye and I always answer with a resounding YES! Mostly my job deals with fittings, alterations, repairs, blinging out stuff so it sparkles on stage, thinking on my feet, dealing with big personalities in a gracious manner, finding lost character shoes, and attempting not to stab myself with sharp objects. 🙂

Right now, my costuming challenges are learning how to make tutus (I’m about 60 hours into my first one and I’m maybe about 1/4 of the way done.) I have done a lot of work with tutus, but I’ve this is the first time I’ve built one from start to finish. I’m obviously hoping to scale back the amount of time it takes to build a tutu, but since this is my first time, I’m really taking it slow to learn and get the feel for it. Double hand pleating… Can I get a what-what!? I’m pretty sure that took 59 1/2 hours of the 60. I have a lovely 80ish year old ex-ballerino who is teaching me how to make them and that’s half the fun- he’s amazing.

Before the Nutcracker season starts (which is going to be in a couple weeks) I want to do some fun costume projects (Claire’s wedding dress, perhaps?) But it will probably dissolve into making Halloween costumes for my children, lol.

Also, I’m obsessed with Outlander- the end. 😉

Anyway, nice to ‘meet’ you all!