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If you add Bree’s flaming long red hair to the mix (and in my mind it’s thick and curly, not the board-straight hippie hair that was so in style then) she would stand out her entire life. My biggest problem with the character of Bree, though, is that not only does she never accept her life in the 18th century, she doesn’t fully respect the time or the people in it. She insists on barreling through her 18th century life very much wrapped in the 20th century. Yes, I know she is there against her will, but one would think that at some point she would begin to at least respect where she is. Claire had that respect and acceptance from the first moment we see her in the 18th century and never loses it. Clare could have been so openly disdainful of everything around her–the medical knowledge especially–but she’s not. Instead she does her job, she teaches, and she respects and learns from the knowledge that is there, such as uses of plants, leeches, etc. She even resorts to theatrics so that another healer wont’ lose face (the scene where she makes up an incantation so she can boil dirty instruments and make it look like a charm, I forget which book that one is in). Bree would just roll her eyes, push everyone out of the way, and completely disrespect her surroundings. The only time I liked Bree was in MOBY when ::::SPOILER:::: she and Roger were living at Lallybroch with the kids and she was fighting to be an engineer. She was real to me for the first time, as if she was finally where she belonged. I thought putting them at Lallybroch in the present was a wonderful juxtaposition and hoped they would stay there. Now that they’re back in the 18th century I’ll just go on skimming over their parts.