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Reply To: Claire's stockings


Dear Cassie,

Thank you very much for the link to Kentwell; I really enjoyed looking at that! By any chance, are you a “Poldark” fan? The BBC has made a new 2015 version and I am looking forward to it. It will air where I live a little later this month. Just in case you are a fan, here is a link to an excellent documentary about the original series that aired in the mid-1970s with excellent interviews with the writers and actors.


There are some very interesting parallels with the “Outlander” series, both in the stories themselves as well as in the creation of the two shows.

One last remark, as beautiful and well-researched as the “Outlander” costumes are, did it bother you as much as it bothered me to see chunky modern knits on Claire and some of the other characters? Chunky knits did not exist in that time period; everything was done in very fine gauges. It made me twitch a little… I will probably be critcized for being too persickety, but the knitting-style just doesn’t fit with the time period. It would be like seeing Jaime dressed in a white t-shirt and combat boots with his kilt!

Take care and best wishes,

Mary (Celticlily)