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Reply To: Claire's stockings


Hi Mary, I really can’t start any new projects, much as I’m tempted.

Yes certainly are re-enactment societies in Australia. Possible to be a Viking, Roman or medieval damsel etc in the middle of an Australian summer (no cold draughts – always a positive) but think I got ruined by seeing Kentwellian attention to detail. The National Trust people dress their staff up every now and then but no corsets allowed so the clothes hang wrong. Apparently corsets aren’t allowed under Occ Health & Safety rules (?!) Here’s a link for Kentwell in case you want a look: http://www.kentwell.co.uk/events/tudor The clothes look a lot cleaner in these photos than I remember!

And I do remember the raggle taggle gypsy song! Remember Steeleye Span too but only their Christmas song, didn’t realise they’d sung the Raggle Taggle gypsies too. I’ll have to haul out the vinyl and have a listen.

Take care, Cassie.