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My husband picked up the books when the season started last August and got through Dragonfly in Amber, so he knew what was coming. Even then, he wouldn’t watch it with me at first (we TIVO it for later viewing). I finally got him to sit with me last night and watch 115 and 116. He sat through the whole thing, but there were moments when he had his head in his hands, and he’s not a squeamish guy. We talked about the similarities and differences between the book/show after it ended, but he wasn’t that keen on any indepth conversation. I think we’ll discuss it as Droughtlander II settles in, he’s interested in getting through Voyager and I’m jumping around among Voyager, EITB and MOBY at the moment. And AnCatDubh, happy to see a peek into your inner Buffy love, I’m right there with you. 🙂