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My husband has been watching with me throughout the series. My “hook” was that its a Ron Moore show, and he’s a huge BSG fan, so of course Outlander must be great too. While he enjoys it as an entertaining hour of TV, he has not read the books nor does he follow any Outlaner-related social media, and I definitely would not characterize him as emotionally invested in the show.

His reaction through 115 and 116 was much like the rest of the season, a comment here, a question there. At the beginning of 116, when the camera panned up from showing just Jamie to then BJR in bed beside him, his comment was “that’s disturbing.” I think the only other comment he made was the shot of BJR bloodied laying under the door that the cows had pushed in, something along the lines of “clearly they haven’t seen enough horror movies to know that the Big Bad isn’t really dead.” Which I confirmed that yes, next book/season BJR is unfortunately back. We both have a tendency when we’re only somewhat “into” a show to be playing around on our tablets simultaneously…I did notice he spent alot more time at solitaire during 116 than any previous episodes.

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