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I haven’t seen a thread devoted to this or any twitter activity but I am curious about the viewing experience from male v. female perspective. I’ll admit that my husband left the room three times. He had an excuse each time like I have to use the bathroom, I want to make sure the kids rooms are closed. The last time he just sort of stood in the hallway and asked me to tell him “when that scene is over”. When he sat down he had one of those hand grip things that you flex to make your hand grip stronger. Of course he was uncomfortable but so was I and I stuck it out. I didn’t really push it with him because I am just so happy that he will watch Outlander with me. He really does enjoy the show but the last episode he would have just turned off if I was not there. Is this a male thing or is my husband more sensitive than I’ve given him credit for? He’s perfectly happy to watch again season 2.