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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


I have a lot of issues with DG’s writing (rape as a plot device is a big one) and Fiery Cross was such a slog that it made me put off the entire series for 15 years, but she CAN tell a good story. And her characters jump off the page. For me, the show has given so much more depth to all the characters, especially secondary ones like Dougal and Murtaugh. I never felt that Jamie was given the short shrift in the series so I don’t understand that sentiment from all the Miss Twitter Trolls (that is fantastic and I’m gonna use it a lot!). I agree, AnCatDubh, that I, too, cannot fathom why people can’t wrap their small minds around the truth that *a TV show can’t put in everything from the book*. It’s not possible, and it would be a terrible, boring show if they did. Why is that so hard to understand? Yeah, I was sad the hot springs didn’t make it (and so, apparently, was DG) but I completely understand why. And after seeing 116, I totally understand why Ron wanted to cut the Father Anslem bit. Without the context of the perpetual adoration and his conversation with Claire after the confession when he absolved her of the sin of bigamy, it made little sense and dragged down the pacing of the episode. A clear case of “sometimes the book stuff doesn’t work on TV.” What I’m afraid of is that Ron, Terry, and the rest will pull back from sharing so much of their work behind the scenes because of the vitriol.