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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


I saw some of the Twitter storm, but stopped reading because I didn’t need that kind of negativity in my day.

WRT your comment about being perplexed about why people would be mean to Ron, Terry, et al. I get the impression that some fans feel like since they pay their $15.99/month for Starz, that they are entitled to get what they want or complain loudly about it to anyone within earshot. Ron et al have been very generous with the fans in terms of explaining their artistic choices and the how’s and why’s behind creating the show. But that’s not enough. It seems like there are some virulent fans that will not be satisfied with anything short of a mea culpa along the lines of yes, we f’d up the show, we’ll have Starz pull it and go back and reshoot exactly the way you, Miss Twitter Troll, want it done.

It was kind of interesting that I was reading some posts over on the DG Compuserv boards and one person started a thread about how s/he preferred TV Jamie to book Jamie, and didn’t think DG was the greatest writer. Of course this person got jumped on, but what I found fascinating was the number of other posters criticizing the OP for critizing the books becuase they weren’t “the books s/he wanted to read.” But many of those same posters, in other threads, certainly felt very free to critize the show. No smackdown for expecting “the show s/he wanted to watch” anywhere to be found.

Thanks for sharing your blog post. I think what frustrates me the most about all the bitching and moaning is the utter lack of perspective shown by these individuals.

Other great adaptations (if you speak French or don’t mind subtitles): La Reine Margot & The Horseman on the Roof.