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She lost me with the Art of the Middlebrow.
I am fairly new to social media and so I have only a few things that I follow to gain a better understanding of the making of the show. I agree with Allison in that I have not noticed a trend in Ron favoring one character over another. He seems to find time to point out strengths in all of the characters.
I did see the negative messages sent directly to Ron and Terry and can’t fathom why someone would think that is the right way to provide feedback. I am sure Starz, Ron et al have methods to acquire meaningful feedback from fans. Given the events of yesterday, maybe this Outlander leadership could direct fans to a site so that they can vent at their leisure. I find this blog really valuable because I feel like we can communicate with one another and talk through challenging episodes without calling anyone out personally. There have been aspects of certain episodes that didn’t quite work for all of us and I find it interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts. It does not detract at all from my love for the novels and series.