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I want to first apologize for having been so hard on Ron in my post. I didn’t mean to be. And I am especially bummed as people have been really unkind toward Terry on twitter — although she has been giving as good as she got for sure — about an EP who is also her husband and love. I logged on a couple of hours ago and thought I would edit my post, but for some reason the edit function wasn’t working. Having said that: what I said in my post is not something that I have observed, it’s something that hundreds or even thousands of women (mainly) have noticed and commented on on blogs and Facebook and Twitter. So, it is in the water. And in fact, on a post in one of the private Facebook groups, an academic researcher was quoted as having noticed while doing her research on the adaptation of Outlander for television that there was a marked disparity in the number of mentions by Ron of Sam as compared to mentions of Cait and Tobias. When she realized there was a disparity, she went back and started counting. I believe it was part of a presentation at a conference. Because her research involved observing and interacting with the fandom on social media in order to understand how they responded to the adaptation, she got a pretty good idea of what people were thinking. So, this is not just me. But it is interesting that ordinary fans (not the kind who look up peoples’ kilts!) were noticing also. I don’t have the original post where she talks about the numbers, but I can give you a link to a series of abstracts for a conference that address adaptation and the romance novel. (Looking…) Ok here you go: http://teachmetonight.blogspot.com/2015/04/romance-iv-outlander-adaptation-and-art.html I can’t give you links to the many online conversations about this as they are closed groups on Facebook. So, even with the link you wouldn’t be able to see anything. So that’s the best I can do. I will say this: I read DIA (which is not a real easy read) into the wee hours of the morning weeping over the discovery Claire and Roger and Bree made and then immediately downloaded Voyager, still weeping, from joy that they had found him, from fear that he was gone, from joy that there was a chance he still lived, through fear that Claire wouldn’t find him. I have never been a fan in my life (well, I have always had crushes on some of Jane Austen’s male protagonists) and the experience of Outlander, and DIA and Voyager, brought me into a fandom. At times, in the first throes of love (so to speak) I felt as though I were existing in two worlds simultaneously, my 21st century New York world and 17th century Scotland. I stayed up all night for days reading those three books. And with all my heart I say, it wasn’t because of Frank.

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