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I just watched it in full, then immediately re-watched it synched with the podcast, then immediately rewatched the last 10 minutes. I’m still processing it all, but Sam’s performance is searing and I can’t get so many moments out of my mind—his dead eyes in the opening scene, his breakdown at the end when he realizes what he’s done, but especially the expression on his face on the ship, as he hugs Claire after she’s told him she’s pregnant. The look of fear, desperation, uncertainty, and a haunted look that tells everyone that he’s barely begun to heal, that one has stayed with me.

I didn’t realize until I listened to the podcast, exactly everything that happened in that last rape scene, especially the fact that Jamie reached behind him and actually participated, in his pain-fueled delirium. But once I realized that, then everything else resonated in a much more powerful way. And the way BJR used Jamie’s love for Claire to break him was so much more visceral than it was in the book; in fact, I had always thought he recovered a bit too quickly from his ordeal in the book. But being able to see the nuances of expression on Jamie/Sam’s face throughout the recovery and on the ship, you know how deeply this has affected him and how much he will have to do to become whole again.