Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



Episode 116 … I appreciated the way the writers addressed the book story line from the rescue of Jamie by CLAIRE Murtagh Willie and the Highlanders to the Abbey for the start of the healing process to the ship to begin for a better life yet again… for the entire hour and then how the writers used the Jamie and Black Jack scenes as flashbacks. Wonderfully written and splendidly acted for such a terrifying time.. Congrats to Sam Tobias Catriona and all the actors for a job well done. I’m sure it was difficult. Congrats to Ron Maril and all the people involved. And to costumers…makeup and set designers. Congrats Terry! Thank you all! And special thanks to Diana Gabaldon for dreaming up and writing the entire Outlander and Lord John series!! Looking forward to Season 2 and many more! Thank you Starz for supporting the show!