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Jumping over to this thread to discuss the last two episodes. So much has been said about these episodes and there are only so many words of praise in the English language! So, I am going to comment a bit differently and harken back to one of my favorite children’s stories “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis. Indulge me here, this book had some very dark parts with the humiliation, torture and slaying of Aslan. Aslan willingly placed himself at the mercy of the Witch and all of the darkest creatures that lurk in our nightmares. He willingly gave his life to save Edmund. If Wentworth was the triumph of the Witch, the season finale was the Deeper Magic from before the dawn of time. Aslan is brought back from the dead by the deeper magic, “when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backward. And now-” (Edmund and Claire are the traitors merely because they unwittingly lead their loved ones back in harms way.) BJR’s rape of Jamie is a mortal injury and many of us wept at seeing Jamie’s beautiful body and soul so disrespected. Claire gathers the deeper magic and brings him back from the brink. For me, the deeper magic is love, magic and faith all terms broadly defined! Our ginger haired lion is back! Shout out to Connie BV and her wonderful recaps.
The finale begins with a somber and quiet image of an altar, rosary, holy water and healing oil for the anointing of the sick? I think that was it. The healing images helped me get through the brutal scenes. There were so many faith based images that I appreciated because they were true to the essence of the story. The cinematography was otherworldly. If Jamie was the white light then BJR was the dirt and grime and filth that soiled Jamie.
I loved Claire in the chapel and the dialogue with Brother Anselm. Claire is faced with the healing of something she cannot see or feel. Before she can heal this she needs to believe that Jamie’s soul exists. That brings up lots of internal turmoil and Brother Anselm has the opportunity to really help her. He helps to heal her spirit which in turn empowers her to heal Jamie. I loved the scene with Claire and Jamie battling for his soul. She uses the ace card, her life, to get him to snap out of it. It’s a desperate move but it shows her belief in his soul. She knows that Jamie will never allow her to end her life. Brilliant!
I thought the dialogue with Murtagh and Jamie in Gaelic only was quite effective. The touching moments with Willie and the light hearted moments with Rupert and Angus helped balance out this heavy episode. I loved the farewell on the ship. It’s not the body of water many of us associate with the end of the novel but they are on their way to France and we know that Jamie will need to continue to heal. There may be a mineral spring in their future yet???
SH, CB and TM were glorious. I don’t see how anyone could have a favorite. It’s like choosing between your children. My last homage to C.S. Lewis I’ll name TM the Brave, CB the Gentle and SH the Magnificent. I am not going to let BJR ruin that word for me!