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Katie (@bunnums)

After watching 115, it was much more clear to me that if it wasn’t for BJR, Jamie would have hanged before Claire et al had a chance to get to him. I’m now mixing up what happened where in the book (which I deliberately didn’t read recently because I didn’t want to nitpick comparisons). Was that true in the book, too? Not necessarily the “last second” rescue from the noose, but the concept?

It also became very clear that Jamie would have resisted BJR to the end of his life if he hadn’t had to trade that for Claire’s safety. I think that was just as true in the book, but we didn’t see it because we had to stay in Claire’s POV much more strictly.

I rewatched 115 this afternoon and continue to be impressed with every piece of it. Sam’s performance is more and more impressive with each viewing because I can really focus on his subtleties that got overshadowed by Tobias on my first watching. More impressed every time I watch.

This seems bizarre to say, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing 116 and will be staying up until midnight tonight to catch it on Starz Play as soon as I possible can.