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I thought Wentworth was extremely well done. It started out on such a foreboding note with the instruments of torture shown as the opening theme wound down. Ewww. It wasn’t word for work or scene for scene from the book but it captured the essence of the book beautifully. The acting was incredible, especially Sam. I was so impressed with the way he conveyed what Jamie was going through using subtleties of body language and facial expression. You could see in his face at the end, the beginning of the loss of the innocence Jamie still maintained up until then (even after the brutal flogging from BJR). Jamie knows this is for real and this is going to be a descent into hell, but he chooses to give in to BJR anyway in order to save Claire. It calls back to his monologue from the beginning of The Reckoning about choices and how they shape the person you will be . Nicely done.

As for Jamie and Claire, I felt that this episode really nailed it with showing the love they had for each other. I have read comments about the connection between them from the book not coming across in the show – well I don’t see how anyone can say that after the performances the two of them gave. I was completely sucked in and believed I was watching two people who are completely and totally in love with each other both willing to sacrifice themselves if need be to save the other.

There was also some amazing cinematography in this episode. I loved the use of light and how you see Jamie haloed in it at various times. He looks like some of those pre-Raphaelite paintings. (See the lighting in this one by Dante Gabriel Rossetti at http://www.tate.org.uk/art/images/work/N/N03/N03053_10.jpg )What a great contrast of his intrinsic goodness compared to the darkness of the situation and of BJR. I loved the shot looking down at Claire after BJR throws her out of the trapdoor(?). The monochrome tones of Claire lying on the bodies, is beautifully framed by the darkness of the stone of the prison. It appears as a beautiful portrait at first glance, even though at closer inspection the subject is anything but that. Talk about subverting tropes.

I don’t want to watch this one again, but that is because they did their job so well. I have read Outlander more than once but I have always skipped over Wentworth (after the first time) because it was just too hard to read. I only re-read it this year after the series began when I wanted to go back to Outlander to refresh my memory of who the characters were at the beginnings of their story. So I have to say that they got it right.

Oh and yes, some may complain about the light tone of the very end when Murtaugh looks at the cows and smiles, knowing how to save Jamie, but dark as this episode was, I liked that there was a tiny bit of lightness at the end. That was a nice touch.

Draper – in the book she had a knife with her but she used it to kill a guard who tried to stop her and didn’t have time to retrieve it before moving on to find Jamie. Since they left out the guard I suppose they felt it was easier to leave out her having the knife.

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