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Reply To: Claire's stockings


Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Hiding in the bake house pretending to be mute….. Oh, I LOVE it!!!! Australia must have something like Kentwell. Have you researched it? Would you consider starting something like it yourself? Maybe just dress up and wander about anyway….:) There is a fun poem I remember about the raggle-taggle gypsies, oh: a lady of the upper class leaves her wealthy husband and comfortable life to go live with the gypsies. Are you familiar with the British folk group, Steeleye Span (They were very popular in the 1970’s)? They put that poem to music. It’s wonderful! In anycase, make yourself a fantastic, awesome pair of 18th century stockings and WEAR them out in public! You are sure to start some fun conversations 🙂 Take good care! Please post pictures of your stockings!! I really want to see them!! (I’ll have to make a pair and I will post mine!)

Warmest best wishes,

Mary (Celticlily)