Terry Dresbach

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Thanks for starting this topic. I thought Ep 115 was sublime. The press and social media lead up was rather over the top in predicting how horrific it would be, and afterward I had to back away as all the nitpicking (no wolf, wrong hand, BJR used the “c”-word, etc.) just annoyed the hell out of me. But my viewing experience was that Ron, the actors, director, and crew delivered everything I hoped for and more. They captured the spirit of the book while making for a perfect hour of TV. The episode was crafted with moments of dispair, followed by moments of hope, which then turned out to be false hope, and then escalated to a peak of quiet menace of what was to come next. I think the cast and crew perfectly captured the essense of mental torment and it wasn’t necessary to go all out on the blood and guts (ie, Game of Thrones, Saw movies, etc.) to get across to the audience that something horrific was happening.