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Didn’t want to go ott with anything said first of all, just get the conversation started without causing too much offence because honestly I could go on and on about the episode, it so impressed me.

There was a lot of talk before it showed about whether people would watch which I couldn’t get my head around as someone who hasn’t read the books. The show had made it clear that Jack was a sadist who saw Jamie as unfinished business – not a problem, I thought, it’s only pretend. (I was enjoying the show and wanted to find out what happened next.) But their acting was incredible and I was completely drawn in, couldn’t take my eyes off their faces and watching each flicker of expression, never anticipated that. It felt like they were giving their hearts and souls to that episode. Gestures of intimacy completely twisted into something repellent: Jack rearranging Claire’s hair because of his aesthetic ‘tastes’.

Someone else please give their views… I’m off to read that facebook post by DG. I think you’re right Katie, they walked that fine line very well.