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His response to a woman who asked if she could run her hands through his beard on one of those online Q&A’s was “can I stroke your scruff?” You could’t tell online if he was repeating her question, was mad and insulted by the question and giving a sarcastic answer, or if it was just playful innuendo. But the people who participate in those Q&A’s are the most obsessed…. He appears to get dang personal with complete strangers at times and that leads some of them to believe he’s their buddy (they want to believe that) so of course they’re going to cc him. He’s not just talking to his friends and he doesn’t seem to know that some strangers are weird people. Those kinds of remarks also seem to provoke ovary talk which frankly both grosses me out and freaks me out (it’s not safe for women to post those kinds of remarks online). It isn’t hard to see why some fans get a bit too forward with him. I can’t tell if he likes that kind of attention or not and I spend most of my time studying online communications.

It’s like he’s running hot one day and cold the next. One day he’s playing with the idea that he and Caitriona are dating online and the next he bristles at an interviewers question about who he is dating. Personally, I don’t like those questions. I don’t care and I don’t want to know. But if he doesn’t want those questions he probably shouldn’t go there with his posts. I understand that actors joke around referring to their professional wives as their wife but there are a bunch of people out there who take this shit seriously. It does no good to get mad about those people either. You know they are there – don’t poke them. I don’t see anything offensive about keeping silent about ones personal life and its not hard to just not say anything. Caitriona doesn’t get those questions and I’m guessing that’s because she never brings up her personal life. He lights the fire and then he complains that its hot.

I’m retired and the way people communicate online is something that peaked my interest during Occupy and now I’m watching Outlander so…. Its a hobby. I watch people talk online. It’s fascinating and entertaining. I’m not in the entertainment business. My view is from the outside. He’s very interesting. No one else connected with the show is doing what Sam is doing online. He seems genuinely surprised sometimes that the internet answers him. It does. It answers everyone.

You have to remember that you are talking to the whole world, including the weirdo’s, and you need to watch what you say and be cognizant of all the ways it can be interpreted at all times. If you decide to use intimate innuendo online that’s fine. You’re allowed. Just understand that intimate innuendo is going to come back to you and like other people’s boogers it will often not be okay. That’s the price you pay to play in that realm. You must think about the fact that playful intimate innuendo may have the effect of solidifying inappropriate worship with obsessive fans who like to talk about their sexual parts in public while simultaneously grossing other fans out who don’t want a mental picture of other people’s parts in their heads as well.

The only thing I can liken what I see him do sometimes is the hyper partisan political people I watch who angrily shout out all kind of insults in public forums online and then are amazed and offended when someone shouts insults back. It does no good to complain about social media. You don’t own it. You can’t control who uses it or how and the audience is huge. If you are getting messages you don’t like you need to stop and think about the messages you sent out (intended and unintended). That’s where the communication begins and that’s what you control. You do get intruders coming out of the blue and being inappropriate at times and those are the ones you ignore. Everyone can see what they are anyway and the minute you respond you claim it. Just don’t claim it.

He is doing better. He just has these little slip ups that make me go, OMG – what is he doing? For crying out loud DON’T POKE THE BEARS! It’s almost as exciting as watching Blackjack stalk the Frasers.