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Unfortunately Sam did eff up. He posted some things that I think he may have thought were private (because they were private to him I guess) and fans saw what he posted. He seemed to think they were digging into his personal life without realizing that he himself published it. One of the items he posted objectified someone else, which always attracts a certain crowd on twitter, and then he turned around and complained about being objectified. It is a problem that is particular to social media. Social media is a mirror as well as a window. Whatever you post reveals who you are and gets reflected back. I do think he’s beginning to figure it out, he’s limiting what he posts, but he does still need to learn not to react to the weirdo’s. He needs to learn to allow their comments to stand as a reflection of who they are and not take ownership of them by responding. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes. I’m no public figure but there have been times when I’ve been tempted to jump through my puter screen armed with a 2X4 because of comments made which reference the touching of my person. It seems all it takes is being on social media… There are some weird people out there.

In addition, for a time the marketing of the show on social media was pretty bad. It was hard to tell if the marketers were trying to tap into the attention Sam’s twitter was getting. It did seem that way. For a while there it was like, “oh look a bunch of weirdo’s with boundary issues – lets market to them.” (Effing marketers…) For example, if the marketers had created titillating meme’s about what was under Caitriona’s skirt to elicit comments and attention for the show I think the same women who were drawn in by the marketing to behave badly en re: Sam would have been absolutely appalled. This is where you do use your 2X4 as a consumer of social media and apparently enough of us did because STARZ stopped posting those memes. Not only was it not necessary, the show is a piece of art, it was wrong.

This problem does seem to be resolving although I’m still not sure Sam realizes that his occasional playful innuendo’s are always going to provoke a reaction that feels intrusive on social media. If he does realize that playfulness comes with a price and he’s willing to pay it that’s fine. He does have to market himself after all. He just cannot expect the social media world to not respond to naughty with naughty. It throws back and naughty responses to naughty posts will be seen by social media users as justified. I understand that those responses might feel intrusive, coming from strangers and all, but he needs to remember that he’s a stranger too. Sometimes it’s like, dude – I’ve got some famous guy I don’t know posting suggestive shit on my phone! It can provoke a fun chuckle unless the grandkids are playing games on my phone at the time – eight year olds shouldn’t be asking about Beltane or what scruff is (that was bad Sam). However, if he posts something innocuous and and he gets naughty back social media users know what that is as well – a weirdo. He can just ignore them.

It’s a learning process I think. The show is good and it will survive.