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An interesting and important discussion! A few people have mentioned that they feel that Sam Heughan has encouraged (whether willfully or not) the negative behavior happening on Social Media. Having spent considerable time around children (5th and 6th graders) and even more time around teenagers (I’m a trained high school teacher), I have witnessed severe bullying and how kids react to it. Bullied children will try to laugh it off and make comments that fit with whatever is being said to them in order to protect themselves and to keep their tormentors at bay. Sam Heughan’s reported comments have that same feel- dealing with and keeping the bullies at bay. He has said many times that all this attention is new to him and he doesn’t really know how to deal with it. He’s overwhelmed (Wouldn’t we all be if faced with the same phenomenon?)

I am in total agreement with the majority of the people who have spoken in these posts that there is FAR too much attention placed on the sex scenes and it is brushing the artistic merits of “Outlander” under the rug. Here is a post I made about that on a similar thread on Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook page:

“Outlander” is an excellent piece of storytelling and I’m rather dismayed by all the hype about the sex scenes. All the brouhaha is also taking attention away from the very talented acting of this ensemble, especially Sam Heughan. Has anyone bothered to notice the thoughtful details he gives his character? In the very first episode, when Claire sees his scarred back for the first time and she touches the scars, Jaime’s face twitches with the memory of both the physical pain and the emotional pain of the whipping. It’s extraordinary! It’s very difficult to do that and to make it look real and natural, but Sam Heughan did it beautifully. In episode 9 ,when Jaime makes an oath of allegiance to Claire that he will never again raise his hand in violence against her in order to reconcile with her and she remains silent, watch Jaime swallow hard and bow his head because he thinks he’s lost her forever – and it’s obvious he feels devastated. Those little subtleties really bring that character to life and make him believable as if he were a real person. Bravo! Other characters to note: watch the priest at the wedding in the background when Dougal performs the blood oath ceremony. He is appalled by what he is seeing (slashing the wrists and drawing blood – a pagan ritual in a Christian church!) and puts his hand to his mouth – a wonderful touch!! Why is no one writing and talking about the fantastic acting going on that brings this tale to life?!

It’s good that this topic is being brought to light and discussed. Maybe it will bring a little reason to the table and bring back what “Outlander” was meant to be – a excellent piece of art!