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Hi, Cassie!

It’s nice to meet a fellow knitting-crazed soul 🙂 Yes, I do have some resources for you on knitting clocks in stockings and chevening (embroidering stockings) – I hope I don’t overwhelm you!(As I said, I’m an obsessed knitter….)

To start, here is a wonderful article on stockings of the 18th century that will answer many of your questions:


Another wonderful online article about 18th century stockings that will also answer many of your questions. Here is an excerpt:

For a better fit, a wedge (known as clock) was inserted where the slits are drawn into the larger part, going up well above the ankle. The clocks were often of a different colour from the rest of the stocking and decorated with embroidery.

Below is a link to the full article, which is very interesting!


Here is a good article on chevening:


As for clocks, there is another excellent book by Nancy Bush, “Knitting Vintage Socks” that includes instructions for knitting clocks in stockings and a pattern for women’s silk stockings that include clocks. It dates from 1914. Here is more information on the book with a link:

Everything old is new again, and this collection of vintage sock patterns mines Weldon’s Practical Needlework, a compilation of newsletters published more than 100 years ago, for some of the best. Twenty-four classic patterns are updated here for modern knitters with the inclusion of gauges, contemporary yarns, modern methods, and modern sizes. Filled with fascinating household and historic tidbits from the era, along with little-known tips such as an unconventional way to shape a heel, this historical and gracefully written book evokes a more genteel time while presenting a bevy of colorful socks not seen for nearly a hundred years. After an introduction to a few techniques from the original Weldon’s, the patterns begin with an 1887 pair of Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings with Fluted Pattern and end with a pair of Ladies’ Silk Stockings with Clocks from 1914. Intended for knitters of all levels, this walk down memory lane revives some very classic patterns that may have been gone but are not forgotten.


Even better, here is a FREE 18th century over-the-knee sock pattern with clocks by Mara Riley available on Ravelry:


Mara’s website is also fantastic and contains a wealth of information plus more resources to further your knowledge, if you wish. There are some patterns for clocks on the website (Notes on 18th Century Stockings):


Another great site with excellent information on how to knit fitted 18th century stockings and information on stockings of that time period in general:


This is a free vintage man’s sock pattern that includes clocks (This site has a wealth of free vintage patterns! It’s fabulous!)


Here is a modern sock pattern with knitted clocks by Ann Budd available for sale on Ravelry:


“Notes and Queries” is a vintage book available in e-book form for free from Google Play. I wasn’t able to just copy the section on knitted socks with clocks, but here is the (lengthy!) link. You will need to scroll down just past the section on Mary Queen of Scots and there is an excellent section on knitted clocks.


This site on knitting period stockings also has a section on knitting clocks. (This one references the Elizabethan Age, but stockings of that time were very similar to the 18th century.)


The following is a link to The Sock Museum. I have not contacted them (yet), but they may have more information, as well.


For information and resources on 18th century women’s clothing in general, Yahoo has an internet group by the name of 18th Century Woman List. People on those lists really know what they are talking about! They are VERY precise!

Another great site from the Boston Museum of Fine Art where you can see actual examples of stockings with clocks, chevening, garters, and all kinds of clothing (for men, women, and children) from the 18th century:


FINALLY 🙂 Just for modern fun and “Outlander” fans:

Here is a link to the pattern for some cool “Jaime” socks by Maryse Roudier on Ravelry:


Note: I receive NOTHING for mentioning this website and the patterns there. I am merely aware of this site and am sharing the links with anyone who may be interested in making these beautiful items.

Patterns for sale for some lovely women’s stockings (including a pair with chevening! This pattern originally appeared in Vogue Knitting Magazine.) from Whitelies Designs (Joan McGowan-Michael):

This is the pair that includes chevening.

These are beautiful lace.

More beautiful lace.

Ouf!!! Have I exhausted you?! I hope not. I hope you will find all of this as enjoyable as I have! Most of all, HAVE FUN 🙂

Warmest best wishes,

Mary (Celticlily)

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