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Here is an answer to how women in the 18th century held up their stockings. I will also provide a link to the blog on Historic Costuming.

Link: http://augustintytar.blogspot.fr/2011/09/late-18th-century-stockings-2011.html

zui30. joulukuuta 2012 klo 8.30
Thank you
And how to call the things with which you hold the stockings? Did they use the same things in the 18th century? Because it seems to me that they had not elastic in this time.


Augustintytär30. joulukuuta 2012 klo 9.48
They are called garters and they were most commonly long ribbons you tied around your legs. Elastic garters came in late 18th century but instead of rubber elastic, they were made from metal springs. Like these: http://coraginsburg.com/antique_accessories.htm#garters