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Reply To: Claire's stockings


There are many resources to help you find an answer to how women kept their stockings up: Nancy Bush (Very well known knitting teacher and author) wrote an excellent book, “Folk Socks, The History and Technique of Hand-Knitted Footwear”. There are also many historic knit groups to consult: The Knitting History Forum (They are on Facebook). Here is a link to their website: http://knittinghistory.co.uk/resources/ There is also an online Historic Knitting group on Yahoo: http://knittinghistory.co.uk/resources/. Richard Rutt, “The Knitting Bishop” wrote an excellent and comprehensive book on the history of knitting, “A History of Hand Knitting”. Finally, the latest contribution to historic knitting is “Knitting Unraveled 1450 – 1983” by Ruth Gilbert. Here is a little intro to the book: Ruth Gilbert’s new book, “Knitting Unravelled 1450-1983”, covers knitting and its uses from medieval to almost modern. It is, uniquely, aimed primarily at re-enactors, living historians, historical interpreters and all involved in period textile demonstrations. Described as “a practical guide” it answers fundamental questions for re-enactors such as “1. Should I be knitting? 2. What should I knit? 3. How should I knit? 4. Does it matter?” It’s obvious that I am a fanatical knitter myself!! I hope this information is helpful. Best wishes!!