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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


Spoilers Episode 114!

Watching this episode on Mother’s Day was a pleasure. There were lots of intimate moments in the midst of big drama. Jenny and Claire set off on this desperate attempt to rescue Jamie…and Jenny’s milk comes in. She proceeds to take care of things while Claire watches fascinated. It just reminded me of times when my friends had babies before me and they were showing me or telling me what it was like and I’m thinking that is so cool…really, my body is going to do that? It’s a very lovely moment before the action starts back up. Murtagh and Claire are literally at the end of the line with their search, at the end of their rope with each other and we finally get to see the vulnerable side of Murtagh. His unrequited love for Ellen has been channeled into his fatherly love for Jamie. He made me cry. This is going to sound strange but I loved the Dougal and Claire scene in the cave. The banter back and forth about the pieces on the chessboard for Claire and Lallybroch was just brilliant and better than anything I have seen on GOT for awhile. Claire agreeing to marry Dougal is so complex…is it purely tactical for her own protection, for Lallybroch, does she plan to somehow divert the rebellion…oh well, to me Dougal acknowledges Claire’s intelligence here which is so rare for a man of this time. It was an oddly intimate scene.
So now I just have to gush…how adorable was CB as the Sassenach troubadour or the fortune teller? The whole Murtagh and Claire quest was quirky and I love quirky. Great scene with the puppets reenacting Claire’s disappearance at the stones. Loved the twist with the faeries. The juggler outfit was just dashing on Claire. Claire’s favorite song from the 40s set to a song that would get Jamie’s attention.
So glad this episode aired today since Wentworth would have sent us moms into complete meltdown. My husband has promised to watch wentworth with me holding my hand and telling me…this is just a show…they are just acting….SH is just fine. Here have another scotch.
So, did any of you view Jenny differently after this episode? I loved how the director had Jenny give the housekeeper a quick kiss before she left Lallybroch and then Claire before she left the search. I am trusting you both to care for my loved ones until I see them again. Happy Mother’s Day all.