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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


The whole “we’re more concerned with the Watch then Jenny’s possible childbirth death” thing did strike me as off, but not until I thought about the ep later. I recall in the book that Ian was pretty torn up thinking Jenny was dead, until Claire told him otherwise. And I did not get why Claire made Jenny give birth on blankets on the floor, and not in the bed. Was it the crawling around thing? That lost me. The only thing I can say in defense is that neither woman told the men how dangerous this birth was going to be, and really, what can a man do other than sit downstairs and drink while his wife is screaming upstairs? My thought is that they were thinking, they can’t do anything about what’s going to happen with Jenny, its in Gods hands, and if she’s going to die she’s going to die whether we leave or not—but there is another immediate danger we CAN control, which is the Watch. If that was the motivation I wish it would have been clearer, because it does look like the men just said, WTF, let’s go on a raid.