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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


I just watched The Watch (ha) and I actually liked what Ron and co. did with it. DG herself mentioned it in her FB page, that it was both not anything remotely like the book and exactly like the book at the same time. There was so much they pulled from the book that I was very happy to see. But the whole Watch thing–I know why they did it, but I thought it screamed “something bad is coming, something Really.Bad. is coming” the entire time. I mean, bad guys are always dirty, and those guys were filthy. 🙂 In the books the whole Lallybroch thing is a peaceful interlude, then Jamie is whisked away off camera with no real set up or explanation. I like that the show brought that to the front and gave it a more visual explanation, and I like the way they brought Horricks back into it. I also thought the juxtaposition between the tension in the birthing room (is Jenny going to die??) and the increasing tension with the Watch was interesting. But I found myself so tense and stressed out toward the end that I couldn’t watch, gods know what I’m going to do for the last 2 episodes.