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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


It’s interesting that you mention Rent because that was an episode that had a scene or two that fell short. I later read an interview with CB and she was very candid that a challenge for her is to just stroll along naturally (picture castle leoch where she was strolling over a bridge and sees Dougal with Hamish) v. what she did for 10 years as a high fashion model. There was a scene in one of the local establishments where she walks toward Dougal (I think) in this very aggressive way and it seemed off to me. After reading the article I thought Hmmm I wonder if this is what she is talking about. I could see a model walk like this in one of Terry’s fabulous creations 🙂
CB’s strength is her expressive face and hands. I keep telling my husband that it is like studying a Rembrandt painting…it’s all about the eyes and the hands. I think she does capture many wonderful Claire moments.