Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Thank You


I too simply wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Terry for giving us a place to congregate and for sharing your craft.

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying and admire your work. Combined with your husband’s overall vision, production design, unbelievable casting and your ability to translate the story with such superb costuming has made for an experience I didn’t think was possible.

The usual movie/TV adaptations are typically never as good as the book – or a reader’s imagination – but you all have so brilliantly translated DG’s vision into a really remarkable experience. I keep rewatching every episode and see or learn something new every time. The attention to detail – in every aspect – is what makes it so incredible.

I can only imagine the challenges you and your entire team have but for my own brief experience in the industry where I found myself – completely by accident due to a misprinted production phone number and a very remote, mountainous Canadian shooting location – being responsible for 100s and 100s of extra wardrobe changes for a CBC movie set during WW2. The 50′ wardrobe trailer – was prestocked – by the costume designer and there I would draw from and simply pull outfits together.

What you all are doing is staggering and in such weather and remote conditions could not be any more difficult.

When I read the note on your to do list to design 1000 costumes for extras. I was just in awe. I see your praise of and understand you have the support of a hugely talented team – but I know every stitch, texture, hand, fit and style – before it is designed – must come from your ‘head’.

That you take the time to share you talent with us is just so incredibly kind.

My hope is that your work on this show becomes an event in its own right.