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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


I have to agree with Jackie. Jamie didn’t ring true to the character they have created in the show (not even going into the book character – that way lies madness!). You can’t make excuses by comparing him to 23 year olds of today. In the 18th century people grew up and became adults early,both males and females.The extended adolescence of modern times didn’t exist. You were either a child or an adult, and adulthood probably started around 16-17.

Jamie has studied in France, fought as a mercenary, survived imprisonment and flogging by BJR, has lived as an outlaw, has navigated a potentially deadly situation at the Gathering through his wits and diplomacy, and has given Collum very astute counsel about Dougal. On top of that he has been brought up and trained to be the Laird since he was 8 years old. He would have known what to do and how to behave as Laird without acting like an arse. He might have been unsure and uncomfortable at first but he would have kept that to himself (and maybe Claire) just as he kept quiet and dealt with Dougal’s behavior during “Rent” without making a public scene of it. To have him revert to a 23 year old frat boy just didn’t make any sense to me.

Yes, siblings bring out the child in us, but that could have been shown and expanded during the Jenny interactions. To have him be a bumbling, egotistical fool to others when trying to be the Laird, didn’t ring true to the character. It wasn’t the mistakes he made, those were believable, but the attitude he had.

As far as conflict, there was room for plenty of conflict between Jenny and Jamie. There are definite issues there that could have been expanded on. Drama doesn’t always have to be in your face, over the top action to be good. Personally I think that it insults the viewers intelligence to think that every episode has to have some kind of obvious overt conflict. The show got that in the first few episodes, but seems to have forgotten it in EP 112.

Episode 111 was so fraught and emotional that a step back to a more subtle interpersonal drama between Jamie and Claire and Jenny would actually have been a relief. A chance to take a breath before what is coming.

I’ve enjoyed the show so far and expect to continue to enjoy it but for me Episode 112 was a miss and I probably won’t ever rewatch it and will try not to think of it again.

I did like drunk Jamie and the graveyard scene with Jenny as well as theJamie/Claire conversations in the Laird’s bedroom and at the end.