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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


I didn’t see Jamie as regressing when I watched the episode, I saw him as being a little punch-drunk with new freedom and power, stepping into a role that has been a fantasy for him his entire life. He let his fantasy of what it was supposed to be like being laird (being compassionate to the tenants, for one) lead him to make immature choices. I also saw it as the way the writers created conflict in the episode, which they needed to do. DG is a gifted writer, but there are long, long, LONG stretches in her books in which there isn’t much conflict/resolution, which is essential for a TV show. Each ep. has to have a story arc within the large arc of the season, and the even larger arc of the series. There was no way they could have all just hung out at Lallybrach, having sex and declaring their love, the whole episode the way they do in the book. A strong, confident leader Jamie is a boring Jamie (from a TV perspective, anyway). And I can’t help but remind myself that Jamie is the same age as a lot of frat boys I knew in college and the kids of friends I have now. Although most of them are strong and confident they also can be boneheads a good deal of the time.

I didn’t like the “trollop” comment either, it was out of character for Jenny and it established the wrong impression of her for nonreaders. I expect they did that to create more of a conflict with Jenny that will be resolved after Jamie is captured, but it was over the top. Something else I missed from this ep is the appearance of Murtagh brining their things from Castle Leoch, and the story of how Mrs. Fitz threw a fit and fought Collum about whether to rescue Claire. I fell in love with Mrs. Fitz at that moment. I hope we see more of her in the show even though that’s the last of her in the book.