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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


Yes, he regresses to a boy, well put. Around 10 years of age. But he isn’t 10. He is 23 (or so). He could still have a fraught relationship with his sister, full of misunderstanding, and continue to be portrayed as an adult male able to lead. Yes make him flawed, but with the flaws of a fully realized adult. What is it with the writers’ seeming need to infantilize him, kind of cut him down to size?

And with Claire, yes you are so on the money! She is written/directed to be aggressive to the point the audience has to wonder, can this woman have no nuance? This is something that started with “Rent” I think and continues here. Claire can be written as a modern woman in strange circumstances who stands up for herself and others as the writers did so beautifully in “Sassenach”. But too often aggression seems to replace thoughtfulness. (Jenny and the trollop remark is an example of the writers going over the top also. What did that tell us about Jenny? Nothing good.)