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Reply To: Jenny


I always viewed Jenny as so limited by the constraints placed on women in her time. What would she have been like if she could have traveled forward to Claire’s time? Early on we learn that she has traits similar to Claire..she uses her wits to survive difficult situations. She is nurturing and helped raise her brother after their mother died. When we first meet her she is pregnant and also has a small child and she is a very loving mother and wife. Claire is a nurse, loving wife to two men and desires to have children. Claire and Jenny have both lost their parents tragically. They are both practical and capable. Jenny is a bit skeptical and does not quite understand Claire’s story. If the roles were reversed, Claire (given her scientific mind) would be equally skeptical.

Jamie’s understanding of women was really influenced by Jenny. Maybe that is why he is so drawn to Claire at first..she is a feisty wee bitch and I suspect he thought of his sister the same many times growing up. Jamie is their bond but their experiences as women from two different centuries may be too big of a divide. I love Claire so I too struggled with Jenny in Voyager. The last thing Claire needed was a betrayal from someone so close to Jamie… someone that she thought of as family. It will be interesting to see where DG takes us with these two characters.