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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


Tobias Menzies is an incredibly brave actor. I’ve read quite a few criticisms about the episode and I’m trying to make sense of that given my husband’s reaction to the episode (he was blown away, has not read the books), Ron Moore’s very honest podcast (scripts can change, budget realities, imperfect art of TV making), and my usual reaction which is to try to compare the episode to the book (I loved the episode). My conclusion is that I have to stop doing the book/episode comparison. This series is going to have to be allowed some artistic expression because where once there was DG and her editor weighing in on the final product…now you have Ron Moore (and DG) and the many writers, directors actors that are charged with creating something new and wonderful based upon stories that many of us love. I can’t fathom what it takes to reach agreement on any one episode. I get the strong sense that all the folks involved are completely committed and so that is enough for me. I’m just going to be looking for the essence of the characters and not the book v. series conundrum. Getting back to TM as BJR, I was able to somehow marginalize his character when I read the books. I just read quickly through certain passages. With the series, I truly appreciate DGs ability to create characters of great beauty and great horror. The episode reinforced how BJR wrecked the lives of Jamie, Claire, Brian, and jenny. Tobias was brilliantly odious…smelling Jenny’s hair, sticking his dirty finger in her mouth, fondling himself (no penis envy here), propositioning a frightened, beaten young boy just kissed by his father. I don’t usually watch horror movies and so I can’t think of a darker character. Laura Donnelly was equally brilliant as the contrasting character. She was the heroic virgin martyr who managed to avoid rape by laughing at the devil. There has to be some saint story that comes close to this, right…like Cecelia that is thrown into a tub of boiling water and doesn’t burn. There were lots of softer moments that I enjoyed with Jamie/Claire and Jamie/Jenny. I know where this story is headed and I dread the Wentworth prison scenes. At this point I’ll watch out of respect for TM and SH because none of that could be easy. Whiskey, neat! Sorry for the rambling, typos, poor grammer.