Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: Jenny


I always thought there were two deep sadnesses in Jamie’s life that are never adequately addressed in the books. One is that Jamie, who so wants to be a father, is never able to parent his own biological children. Yes, he had Fergus, and the grandkids, but that’s not the same. The other deep sadness is that he was never able to assume his rightful place at Lallybrach, forced to give away the only thing he truly loved besides Claire—his home. Even for all the hardships the Fraser/Murrays faced after the Rising, at least Jenny had her family home and her family–two things that Jamie NEVER got. Looking at the Jamie/Jenny relationship from that angle, Jenny is little more than a selfish (rhymes with hitch) who is only thinking of herself. She wants Jamie near her–but as what? Not laird, so hired hand? How is that remotely fair? He can’t have his home back, he can’t have his beloved wife back, and he can’t ever have his children. Wow, I think I’ve just talked myself into hating her!